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Tilted R. Not just Fortnite but life in general these days is depressing. Ahh, gun fights will never be as skilled (analog controllers need to use some aim assist to compensate for not being as accurate as a mouse and keyboard! This is coming from a kid who played websitegames since three years old and is 19 now Youre no ones tryna make you laugh bozo Yea you are lmfao cant even use the right your My original comment was about how incoherent you are now shoo Yeah same I remember when I thought 5 kill wins were good but you be getting sweaty kids with 20 as an average That nostalgia bro :( season 3, and getting cover in hills and reach difficult places.

Edit: DAMN, this Huwuba guy got buthurt about me calling fortnite kids ten year old so he then claims that I am not part of a country I was born and raised in. Here we go.

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