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ManTV99 Studios I could try to help to get better and help get you another win, i would like to see him playing pn ps4, now blue color of weapon is blue. The lyrics are kind of not my style Broadcrazyhayden some parts are ok,but overall i dont like it overall Why does that not sound like H2O delirious R. im noob af xD Teathloac M. Im proud ננ keep trying. I remember i was having fun with the grappler when it came out in playground Yup now u get top 10 when the first circle comes Gewoon Wout Top 10 from season 1-8 is si hard now u could not even have A weapon and win Yeah in season season 7 I started playing and when I winned I started screaming and jumping and now when i win it doesnt even matters I miss these timesbut the game is still fun.

2H20 Delerious 3 fortnite My rate from 0 to 10 Season 1: 6 Season 2: 9 Season 3: 10 Season 4: 8 Season 5: 10 Season 6: 8 Season 7: 9 Season 8: 3 Season 9: 5 I remember the good old days with tilted Whos watching in season 11 Captain Asssassin009 I dont like fabvls rap Souless- Dragon0 his is not even a rap its a hook line GiraffeStrafe oh well I still like it loo Grape juice deal with it Say what you think nothing is gay unless someone is Cuz it was easy now its hard for yall whos bad Its still sometimes fun.

If a PS player is willing to subscribe to PS Plug of PS4, and the way is eliminate turbo build.

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