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When Fortnite didnt have no life sweats. I think angelmelly but dakotaz is my best fortnite player cause Im good with snipe and so is he UnitedFade I liked angelmelly but her lyrics werent good Luke Barrett yup and h2o was amazing to Halocene was bad.

its me GhostArmy I only liked to make it the 1000th like 10 minutes ago there was only 955 likes GhostArmy your the coolest guy on earth GhostArmy you the best EDITOR EVER!!!.

Come back after 3 years still know all the lyrics I miss these days those were the vibes Monday march 28th still Listening Great song. Stally H20 is the one where it says his damn name on the bottom Stally Hes a websiter that makes songs, for real tho. It doesnt feel the same anymore Even tho i hate fortnite now. Nice to see you back at the game.

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