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Ellis Swint bro I admit fortnite is better but myth and fortnite are close just due to myths incredible building skills, fortnite was the best. SELFISH. They should do a comp mode like r6 overwatch rocket league etc because only real shit people play unranked and quick play so I think a proper competitive game mode with an skill rating system would be better Now I feel bad for going into bot lobbies sometimes This was when fortnite was good back in the day.

Pump shot gun and tactical shotgun please. I just ran and ran and boxed myself­­ funny af Dont be like that u could of hurt his feeling take it like what if u got bullied If you actually cried because of that youre a kid XoxMirianxoX Msp yeah but not over a location in a childrens game disappearing. Youre incorrect. I will refuse to give up the fact this is ONE of the best songs ever.

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