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Oh look theres a scar with a bandage 1. Im from the future Also when all u get is grey infantry rifles as ur only guns but the enemy gets a pump and a scar Zentix well good thing planes are vaulted now Yup haha.

I mentioned 2 parts. They get stereotyped. Omg ive came back to this song after 2 years I heard this song in 4th grade and its still goated and some many good time Favourite: CDNThe3rd­­­ Please make a sequel cause this is amazing ­­ Only OGs remember the shotgun shot across loot lake by MrGrimmz If you play fortnite from season 1-4 your an actual double pump og Lol I remember playing this in class Little did we know at the time but this was societys peak Uninstall the game because honesty your trash dude.

Think I should get a thank you for listening to it over and over and over and over !

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