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It was never legendary or cool or anything. Ceez 2! Epic games just puts skins that are not fortnite related they literally added anime and more stupid stuff to fortnite Now you shooting piole for 23 and 40 damage head shot then someone just one pumps you every time complete bull sh Lmfao the way he 1 shot that default xD Nah they destroyed it in like season 6-10 Its neither actually. Wes Veach it was until you 9 year olds destroyed it Exactly Im 15 and wished the was still fun but I quit in season 6 and never played it since And its still little kids playing the game Sorry I dont want my 3 chests back.

700 Comments, i think i have well over 180 solo wins this year on my main account and a second account with over 100 I miss Early Fortnite even though Im a Minecraft fan I miss when you could get 220 dmg with a gray pump :( POV: you came here from fortnite website page and selected ‚most viewed‚ Whyd he have to go in like that on the college kid Maybe in comp but pub lobbies were way sweatier back then than now, you realise that this game is actually really fun and you really want your first win and you want your 10th win because you heard you get a ‚golden umbrella‚ for getting ten wins, ur still 20 watching fortnite music website Im 10, one of the most entertaining Fortnite website Ive seen in a while I always loved fortnite he is so good and so funny‚ Love this so much dude, 1.

Its not gonna last forever!

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