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we even do a countdown at school when s6 came out like we literally screamed the numbers Not the same friends, but then I remember that Im trash and so is the game fortnite es el mejor del mundo en fornite God fucking damn i miss these days, in my opinion. A game so nostalgic and sweat-free. I hate fortnite with everything inside of me. i mis old fortnite season 2 or 3 Im still watching in i first watched in Thanks for ending my suffering faster Reece SMASHES its the cringiest,so many parts of the song are cringe af IKR HE WAS MY FAVE AFTER HALO AND fortnite!.

it didnt end up well when the guy took his drum gun out the boi was like RATATATATATTATAATTA BRRRRRRRRRA Gtgaming Tbb ovoiously he is a pro player and hes bored of destroying them If i sound bored Ill be more interesting?

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