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why epic!!!!!. I love this song 4 years later and this song still a vibe ­ I havent heard this song in 2 years and i still know all the words Man. Ive been listening to this for years now its FIRE!.

I miss the old days Damm I remember sitting on my coach and listen to this song for 30 minutes every day on school on weekend and I still remember this song it was the coolest song in I wish the game was like this!

P pump shotguns - ( they got removed pumps :( 2:39 hear that cuz am coming for the victory royal LOL My friend says that fortnite sounds like a old man ­ Well im a big fan of H20Deleries well my fav is H20Deleries Hypex intro music­­­­­­ Sebastian Roszkowski season 2 was the best tbh Alpha Vampire varner there was no season 1 it was only levels and season shop Raptor 7 this is my 4th time and I just found this song Camila Ramirez abrego THATS SO ME LOL Fuck now we have officially lost old fortnite Tianna Vlogs 1:06 better one­­?

Como extra├o al Fortnite de antes donde pod├a jugar todo el d├a y no aburr├rme ya sea estando solo o con amigos. The nostalgia Ô Edit: Didnt expect any likes except for like two lol.

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