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Youre talking smack and about that AI thing ok they did added them but its skill based you dont queue with then in game if youre a pretty skilled player you probably havent even played fortnite chapter2 thats you are making things up, you saying that will get many people to turn up against you.

Its literally who has the most stuff wins. Specially here because it is squads he has to stay concentrated and not get too hyped and lose it. This was the best project Nerdcore ever did. wake up 2 eat 3 eat fortnite till it was lunch Good old times bro­ Purple sniper: No pls fortnite no! We need more of this types of website!!!. Arguably the stream that made fortnite name known So funny to watch fortnite spam his rpg lol ­ fortnite, We dont use that kind of language, I just miss the way things were when fortnite was at its peak tbh Its going through a rough phase rn like minecraft did before but it did bounce back so will fortnite Muhammad hamza not after the new shit chapter (guns maily) Nah lol say goodbye to fornite cuz its dying fast Unfortunately it wont be the same but its still out there and getting more players with the new season and chapter out No I know how fun it was back then, like its 3 years ago, Im not a fat 7 year old.

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