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I just hate when people think every default skin is a noob like tf you can have even more skins but put the default skin on. I dedicated my life to this delicate craft, i agree with you, thats crazy insane wtf omfg Er ist ein BetrĂger er spielt mit Maus und Tastatur auf Ps4 (mit Tastatur und Maus kann man viel besser spielen und hat dadurch viel mehr Vorteile als seine Gegner.

Yeah. To make this simpler clients can utilize their Google or Facebook records to sign in with Epic Games, you are a LEGEND. Like I said ive got the black night, take a shower ,eat breakfast and just play fortnite all day ,it was the season 6 ( stretch res) times ,back then fortnite was so quiet ,no player would be around u if u land at a non popular place ,I would play solos all day and then my friends also join playing with me ,we had a whole squad till season 9 ,it was soooo fun ,fortnite is.

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