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Good times now the 10 years old kids with 90נננ Ikr It was fun cuz nobody knew how to build back in season 2 Lol YGuy1 if its better now pleases tell me the time in season 2 when people were doing 90s and building fucking sky scrapers with WiFi Jaciel Hernandez seasons 1-5 were elite seasons. I think you mean the old days cuz people will probably still sweat Yeeee why didnt they include wildcat tho Keeyuh M.

Zackrius lol I thought I was the only one that thought that ? Who else thinks they could absolutely destroy this lobby equipped with your current skill level Is anyone just here to see old fortnite and see all the old good times. I barely missed Kevin. Edit: 3k lol The game now Me: shoots once at a aura skin?

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