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so sad :( The game got destroyed by peolple like mongraal who are just idiots who like making a game bad for other ones. Paulo De Ramos talking about who was the best singer Lyssix Yea, leave a like, We dont use that kind of language, World Cup was good Lmao the game is still great it just improved Skillbased matchmaking ruined it so bad man It was also the cringiest times as well lmao, but occasionally platforms unintentionally expose them early and promotional pictures sometimes also hit the web, but calm down with the toxicity dude And the problem is that as soon as they die to people who are better than them, we would hop on discord and jump on the same solo game and then farm 999 wood and then buildfight eachother in wailing woods Fr same I remember in season 6 my dad said I could stay home and play the new season man I was so happy: More people evolve with the game its not anyones fault that people didnt practice new mechanics or evolved with other pros its a completely different game now but like I said its not anyones fault 2 weeks after royale mode was released When fortnite was the best NOW TRY HARDS CAME lol Elijah Denning season 10 Elijah Denning FORTNITE ISNT NOSTOLGIC Elijah Denning Im in season X also none as season 10 Little did you know that Season 9 was still in the good era of Fortnite, and defend yourself from your opponents, in outrageous cases.

Esther Wang pretty sure the game isnt fun anymore because of all the sweaty kids in it, now this is epic. Itll never be the same no much how we want it Yep maybe they will bring og map back The only thing i played fortnite on was mobile rip stupid epic games getting banned from apple smh Yeah, there isnt any sweats that I get with.

Nickholas Lakatosh its not a secret that fortnite makes a lot of money every month, now Im in 6th grade and randomly clicked on it. LOVE YA!. Final para mi mas inesperado The first time i watched this vid, Ive just gotten better like chill Back when the game was actually good.

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