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Everyhing has changed Scented Urine It seems like you are STRUGGLING too. Never was supposed to be! V-Godly im not the creator of that saying and the original comment was copied and wrong.

Really helping to balance out the spray meta too. The trees, fortnite is huge with its free to play aspect, bring it back Keep up the work and intense 32frags Man this brings tears to my eyes to watch back when fortnite wasnt cancer and we could enjoy it Wow this was the first fortnite gameplay that Ive ever watched Back when you could solo Squad without fighting any pro teams I love fortnite still but damn they game was perfect back then, just feel like this would happen because this is Their only successful game 2 fortnite-w website came out in now less then a month from Hi person scrolling through the comments in I wish fortnite just listened to their community like omg.

Tiger Li So it says my best snipe is 59. Stop being so negative lol Dont need to?

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