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Heres my ratings for Chapter 2 Seasons weve had so far. I dont hear anyone talking about yours XD nice try tho When I aim one prayer equals on life Dakotaz man your snipes can be good your rap absolutely destroyed CDNTThe3rd and fortnite Dakotaz you or ceez are the best I wish I was as good as you but Im You killed me over the weekend. Hes done them in past. Ive never liked fortnite and I never will. Why bother adding crap guns when everyone knows that you given up on the game. Same i miss old fortnite this song is a good og song Same, I remember watching this when it came out now I came back to this and I see delirious and my mind is blown Nathan Nate I like them too but I would put in fortnite Your original comment doesnt make sense, you clearly havent played many games Jayden Costello bro ur prob like 7 yrs old and the only game u play is Fortnite Its sad that our gavorite streamers wuit fortnite because of the changes Sea Kevin770 yea this time some different players like muselk Lachlan daequan myth and more GW- Fortnite More, the skill gap is way bigger on pc aswell, I like dragon ball z - TheMoreTheMerrier - Sorry, its continually advancing?

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