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It was because we didnt know how to play that good and didnt have many wins so getting a victory royale used to feel nice but now most of the people got wins so it dosnt feel the same its not fortnites fault. Ik thats not rly how u rap ­­­­ Fortnite Epic my internet has been down since last night havent been able to play Fortnite Epic I already have battle pass teir 15 lvl 13 because Im away so I cant play Fortnite Epic Do you make all the stuff Fortnite Epic im in the future so its already season 20 XD Sorry gotta go double G double peace Clipz Salt fortnite am i right btw its mason Clipz Salt me and my friends ­­­­ Hes the king of a giant frickin crater.

o jogo hoje ├ todo quebrado, i want the old one back. 2 s4 I was going into 8th grade when this was released, stuff like that was super fun? 2:11 H20 delirious your welcomeÔÔ 0:16 Only 90s kids will remember that This song made me realize what a fucking epic community were part of.

Jake G I wish epic would fix everything at least make all the seasons as game modes I know its a lot of coding but like really epic at least a time travel event L_ mattner it called broken skilled base i lose every game and still get into games with sweats Yeah when it was actually good and fun Now its a completely different game, Dakotaz have it away, it started at season 2 When fortnite was actually fun ­­ TRU Tide Pod he does not sound like himself Oneugandan Knuckles he used his better mic in this website LemmeGunVitalis I shed at tear rip season 2-3 I played since day 1 and i can say that Season 2 was the best one LemmeGunVitalis Season 3 is Season 2 Aww man so we back in the mine hot our pickaxe swinging from side to side side side to side LemmeGunVitalis imagine being that nerd that can only respect his own opinion And its fortnite who cares lmao Anybody else here when almost everybody in this rap has quit fortnite You know, now people turbo build damn 90s to max height when sniped in the body once, thats it :) He has Naruto is his name, without the burden of homework to do on his desk, and how the game has just become much worse.

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