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hes the best builder My favorite was the sniper cuz l am one of them I havent listened for so long but know all the words I miss oj fortnite. Good times­­­­­­­­­­ Bro I swear I miss the fortnite back then­­ I remember when dakotaz said Ôone prurÔ instead of prayer lol This is gonna get recommended to people in 2027 Bruh this was the shit back then.

old Scar sound Wish we could go back to when the game was at its best fortnite 30 seconds in:I am bad At the end of the game:32 kills If I put my gameplay 2 years ago I would have literally won every game When you spent half of your game just looting and still drop 32 kills Him : casually gets a 36 kill game while eating 250m Headshot on season 2 was lame 150m headshot on season 11 is like lets goooooo im god that wasss cleeean!!.

P Old fortnite When he used to play solo squads Nagging Doubt wow very funny haHAA xD LOL LMAO ROFL Every single time fortnite streams he gets like over 10 super dope hilights You get 10 kills in 4 minutes and I get in 30 minutes ,1ÔÔ kill ­ 16:49 anyone notice him try dodge the snipe irl Anyone from - watching this just for the memorys Bro you was the only one who I watch his fortnite website in the past?

H2O 3.

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