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I remember getting 17 (my best) and feeling like the absolute shit нннннно н═нннононо nope lmao My best is only 14 bcuz I dont get very lucky with noobs rushing me but I have 68 wins I kill 2 and already feeling god like. P old fortnite П Bruh 4 years ago this game was awsome now sweats and cranking nearly all ogs left the game cause of sweats fortnite to his grandchildren: those were the days kids,those were the days.

She also lives in my town!!. CDNTHE3RD, zansk for Nintendo was,awesome. Stop complaining that PC is better because console has aim bot (aim assist). There water now so I guess I am a og Only OGs remember when loot lake wasnt a vortex Shashank Chathapuram it still has water my guy Ive been playing for playing 1 season well I played for 5 seasons it still has water Only ogs remember loot lake being called leaky lake Shashank Chathapuram it still had water the entire time nothing changed up until the floating island and now the island explosion Only Real Ogs real remember when fortnite didnt exist Shashank Chathapuram it was with water in season 5 not really OG but it was like that in season 3 kind of OG Shashank Chathapuram now it does again П Not really if start of season 5 is OG Only ogs remember when loot lake was a thing No cussing on my Christian Minecraft Comment TUTORIALVID https:youtu.

I mean the AR doesnt even exist anymore, and you can click on Submit Your Request and send your request to the administrators.

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