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They were such simpler times. Lol I for some reason thought it was gonna be a livestream. yeah, u just have to get good and play smart, just the new changes and bad map layout has made it unplayable for br For a mc that Game is trash with that game,call of duty and pubg people forgot the real battle royale and that is mc hunger games I miss the times when people werent sweating The guy didnt even need to build to get kills Now everyone fucking builds and edits.

he still wins but its more entertaining Bro 220 ti the head with a grey pump Haters will say its all RPG fans will say its all RPG Dammmmmmn.

And now were in chapter 3 :( I miss this man Bro I remember going to school and it was a flex to know this whole song when life was better Bro this song will forever be Goated Literally listening to this in and still knows the lyrics from 2 years ago Good times!

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