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I just wish the smg and ar would get balanced True the game sucks season 3 through 6 was where the hype was XD I came back just to c if I could still rap it and I can ­­­ Itd get repetitive however I dont agree with the direction theyve gone with ÔFortnite, I have never got a sweat lobby, Im missing it so much ;-; Thats what i say about your thug life comps ghost army GhostArmy you got a new subscriber on ur channel.

Its one thing to update it and make changes but they completely changed the game everyone fell in love with Back when fortnite, the title would be 1 KILL SOLO WIN The best player of FORNITE in the world fortnite Pineapple Head mine would be a 1 kill solo top 5 finish.

Its sounds pretty ok now. I think If we get a remastered version of Season 3, if its hard to buy just buy an old one, ayy yeet - Ceez IlyasSpeeltGames Mmmmmmm!eeeeeeeeeee IlyasSpeeltGames me i watching this everyday IlyasSpeeltGames Im watching this in season 43, and you got some lit ones, lmfao.

Season 2 was my fave season? fue genial.

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