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This website will live on for all eternity This use to be a song in school we all thought was hard af and still is but it aint the same anymore Nah this hits hard I used to know the whole song I swear I got my first dub to this song in season 3 3 years damn its been a long time Is it just me or has anyone else not watched this in 3 years but u still know the lyrics Man I remember playing this song being a noob dropping tilted thinking I was so cool with this song and dying instantly good times now all we have is toxic kids that say 69 bozo skid get booted After 3 years and its still so good.

Ahh. Hamlinz 7. People hate it ironically and in reality they probably plays it anyway. anyways have a nice day. Matt C No its was a body shot and back in the day it would show white and blue damage separately so he did 65 blue 35 which equals 100.

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