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Back when fortnite didnt like like a sick vampirick ghost from lack of sunlight REAL REASON HE WON : the guy dropped his macaroni Also, the best season right here So much nostalgia in one website ­, not of how good it is. Plus there are alot of good players on console?

Myth is also a fucking beast. I miss everything This game has to be the reason they Nerfed the amount of rockets you can hold lol? I want to go back :( Heres a song I will remember forever I wish I could go back to these days Everybodys building ramps thats useless rip Even though fortnite is dead this song will never be dead what a masterpiece I rember in 3rd grade I memorized the whole thing ­ Everything was good when this song was popular Dusty has been blurred for me by mechs rip OG dusty I started playing fortnite when i was 11 I live in australia and its probs different i was born in 2007 and last month was my birthday and im in year 7 Lord Gonk Droid the average age for year 7 is 13 Crusader yo but lord gronk is the one insulting me when Im 13 and he calls me 8 Crusader I think ur confused its that Lord Gonk Droid insulting like why does he randomly talk crap in website u should be talking to him not me Crusader and u dont even apologise to me idrc tho Imagine being butthurt for someone insulting and disliking fortnite, and I am now crying uncontrollably Bro he has to bring that ÔI need a dollarÔ donation sound back, and assume everyones mirror cracks when they look into it?

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