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This still hits­­ Man when i heard these dudes songs i wanted this websiter to have all of the websiters to let them come together again and see them battle it out and see who really deserves the trophy but to bad this was 3 or 4 years ago but this is pere nostalgia Legendary times, cause I listened to this soo much back then Who remembers playing with the squad and having a blast Played this at my grandpas funeral, its just the ones that exist are better than everyone else now. Fortnite did.

Or, But Then Then ruined it. went right over your head Chris Andresen wow you can math! No skill needed. Not really but oooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkk WhosNastyFox Nice to see you here­­ I like cdn fortnite and myth the most Even though the fortnite community is toxic, holy christ I remember this first came out everyone was singing it og times The Spanish version has a better music.

Watching in season 8 and Im like golden pump does 220 to head and common pump does 220 ­ Epic explain I also say a stack of 10 minis­ Lol I saw a fortnite ad where he got interviewed on how he started streaming fortnite you were the best fortnite player Ive ever seen in the world I didnt play too much Fortniteyou copied someone Thanks for 3 likes this the most likes I have ever got KawaiiPotatoChip its not like epic can erase everyones memory of playing fortnite therefore lowering the vast majority of sweats in game, no skill based matched making.

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