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I miss double pump and I wish it was still season 3 like If u agree Who came from dokotaz Instagram post Fabvl is the best at singing in the rap he is sick Like if you agree I showed this to my dad and he hit me Who thinks fortnite will destry myth in a fight You noscope I quick scope as he noscope s someone I remember when I actually thought this was good but now no i guess because i hate this game Yep i used to get high kill games with double pump but now smg and pump and i dont like it that much.

Brandi Casteel y r people being so mean to u ur literally 9 Jamsta 007 I didnt mean specifically 9 yr olds its just a way of saying little kids who think theyre playing World Cup in a pub game ruined the fun Emile Fransisca Im not on about u people keep saying shut up to the nine year old in the replies Yeah is was 9 years old wheen it was season 3 c1 and it was so fun tomplay No Im not its just I play just to compete thats it Bruh its the people who say that 9 year olds ruined the game are the ones who actually ruined the game.

No point in arguing with you when I already told you before were just simply looking back on fond memories Holy shit bro, the songs actually pretty good, yet I only have 1 vic roy The swears showed up like season 10 my guy I still have fun on fortnite tbh it may not be season 1-5 fun but I still have a good time I started playing in season 1 where it was just good now I agree with you to many toxic players Ill be honest Im one of them only cus it what it is now, Im wet, miss this A LOT I love how the grey pump was doing 220 It brings back so much memories, best game ever created in its prime Me two I cant believe he played mincraft Problem is I never went for wins I went for memories All i been hearing from his gta vids is AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH Honestly H2Os part was so perfect for him He tends to use lower quality microphones because he sounds drastically different with a high quality one, not sad that its over.

There is no hot drops where you can come out with 20 kills anymore He just became fake. Dakotaz 2. Armas Tikko its because the guy that donated 5 dollars was self advertising his stream and fortnite is against that Youre completely right man.

Way cooler looking than the Famas in the game now.

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