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All the dubs you and the homies should have got Im literaly crying rn i rememver coming back from schoolI miss when not every single fight took 500 mate XsuzzX ik.

Grim the only times its okay to build to max is if ur sky basing Marlin Yeah honestly yeah, and I also dont think that all fortnite players hate pubg.

The only similarity they have is being a battle royale. I mean 220 headshot with a grey The noises were so amazing to appreciate they were so satisfying Best game ever at the beginning. Your just salty cause you cant keep up with the increasing skill level of players Yes because people werent good, but it is nice on the playback speed Joooshua 21 that doesnt stop sweats from going into regular games Yea.

I cant believe you put H20 delirious NerdOut.

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