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I just left and joined another. I remember listening to this in my class all the time and going home and having the most fun ever, loved delirious though I miss how good fortnite used to be season 1-3 Also hearing H20 without his own headset is really odd to me and I dont like it ­ Legends Says Delirious is still in a bush Just to say, why bring out a blue variant when the game should of stayed with grey and green, like if you agree.

Whos here after 3 years or more just to get og vibes­ PLSSS GIVE THE TILTED TOWERS BACK!­­­­ 7 months later 35 mil views­Ę­­­ I miss the old days the purple shotie ­ 16:49 He ducks irl when he almost got shot Back when fortnite was the best fortnite player I miss this fortnite so much­­Ô´Ş Prime fortnite (chapter 1) is prolly the best game of all time When you die and you feel like you couldve done better ­ He is still one of the best players but there will always be someone that ie better than you.

Im speechless. Lmfao yeh ikr, 1942 for Nintendo was awesome, in school at home, I started playing the game late into season 1, this slaps True man Im school and not worrying about shit nowadays life sucks This song reminds me of the good old days Mate watchin this in when you watched this over 3000 times I cant even tell which comment your replying to lol.

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