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Owen SWatson u spelt H2O wrong its not a zero its an o I think is beater with 1! Well he is a god but not at fortnite. lyVoteTheTrapper The Bush (H2O Delirious): http:bit. Ducked in the bushes, i just play creative coz battle royale is filled w things that i dont even want to understand Its thr comunity that destroyed fortnite with al those try hards We can still make memes and I miss that epic wont bring back reginade raider and the zapotron Havent enjoyed fortnite since season 4 or so.

Its crazy i remember how bad everyone was but i was getting like 20 kills a game but i was trash and could barely build, tge old map, dont want the enemies seein me when Im hiding, this song still hits, WORLD HAS CHANGED SO MUCH, also the first time I played it and gotten 3 kills. there was no gold or upgrading. Chapter 1: Seasons 0-8 were the most simplest and funnest seasons.

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