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I actually miss wanting to play this game all day. Personal preference (btw I can aim) Yuyu Altikriti haha okay, thats crazy insane wtf omfg Er ist ein BetrĂger er spielt mit Maus und Tastatur auf Ps4 (mit Tastatur und Maus kann man viel besser spielen und hat dadurch viel mehr Vorteile als seine Gegner.

đ I loved the old seasons with the old lighting and old map RIP Why did fortnite make it a new map they should have made it so you could choose what season map but the battle pass would change every new map(season btw by new map I mean a update to the map) Well, the colorful graphics makes thr game like a kids game Damm I remember when people thought this kind of skill was cracked, but I was right next to him and I just shot him and got a victory Royale.

I wished to play the game and rn Im playing itâ Man, zansk for Nintendo was,awesome. Still an amzing game kid and tons of gppd updates! Season 2 was my fave season.

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