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Teathloac M. Wolfpack gaming yeah we need the squad to get together!. I cant be the only one that misses old fortnite. I dont mean when fortnite didnt have any of the newer things they have rn, ננ The time when we thought there was no way this game would ever die or even become trash it was too godly its so sad the epic ruined their legendary game.

But it was new and fun at same time Jammydodgerz - get better at the game then You tried to be funny and you failed miserably Pierre the game rly isnt the same it used to amazing and now its just meh.

Flapp Man yeah i agree, just bc I always get sniped in mid air? Zex0 sorry this game is dying we all went back to Minecraft sorry buddy Im from the past uhhh season 1 yeah season 1 Herrreee.

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