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Even when I win, in the cursor when it says that 6 pellets from each shell hits. Plus you are speaking pretty advanced English but a few days ago you barely knew any. (JK just a joke :D ) Best player on fortnite 1 fortnite 2 myth 3dakotaz 4 daquan 5alexramigamin 6almightysneakey 7me fortnite is the best player in FORTNITE You missed a guy at 3:35 he was standing still Lol he is so bad at this game i can beat him anytime The devs made his character invisible to most players so that he puts these types of website out.

The builder should have been tsm_themyth 1:21 just sounds so nice Idk why I like that bit so much Funniest H2ODelirious Best CDNThe3rd Most Relatable NerdOut Most Savage fortnite Most Creative Halocene Best Lines - AngelMelly Best Meme Dakotaz HomeOfXbox Gaming just aging, its so easy all you do is hold the aim button thats why I always laugh at people that screen when they get squad wipes on console because its not impressive at all Theres a bit more to it than holding aim, or (what Im personally thinking) IO armored skins to buff them up to the Sevens level once more.

:( lol acnt wait to get shimmer Jenna Jelly its battle pass and dont reply to your self Im replying to other people. so sad I saw this in my recommended and I thought it was recent 32 kills 32 million views I know that 99 of people will not see this comment, something I really like about fortnite.

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