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It takes less then 5 games to win in fortnite. It would be interesting to see him adapt. P wailing R. No bro fortnite was the best game ever before the season 5 fr Well, sorry gotta go double g double peace AH YEET CDNThe3rd hi Ive been a fan for long I understand if you dont respond because if you dont its fine but I just want to tell you keep up the good work DOUBLE PEACE CDNThe3rd u win guess what papi now u back in he lobby Huge fan bro just peace and pisutivity from nyc TRIGGERED TRASH KIDS WHEN THEIR SALT IS INCREASED SORRY GOTTA GO DOUBLE G DOUBLE PEACE AAAEEY CDNThe3rd it is against u and dakotaz Ceez Dakotas and angel melly bodied this beat and fortnite wasnt bad either but ceez is always 1 Press a to deploy his glider, Dako and fortnite.

Besides the everyone of these kids are toxic u only find nice players once a month on that game. Wild- spider238 I like ceeday but jeez bru Back when everyone wasnt noobmaster69 Kid rlly u had to expose me lol im just a kid Relax girl these comment gonna talk to you is a kid except Obi wan Mitro: 42 kills Teeqzy: 43 kills officially (45 kills unofficially) KamoLRF: 46 kills worldrekord HeadHunter YT wtf mrsavagem never got 51 kills solo vs squad idk where you got that from I would say seasons 1 to 5 maybe 6 were the good seasons and then the rest of the seasons 7 to 15 are trash.

The Future, cdn.

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