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dbh. My whole squad cant even get half that amount of kills combined ­ Hes the best fortnite player alive no question 2:34 makes me very nostalgic cause he hits a one pump with a gray pump Why Epic did u make gray pumps weaker than gray tacs Damn this vid got 42 mil lol.

55 of the people in the game Ptetre que dans la game a Gotaga y avais que des bambi mais au moin il jouait pas avec un lance roq close range Back in the days where fortnite used to be so bad i dont get why people wanna go back fortnite is better now because u could build a lot and im in champions league in arena and old fortnite everyone was so bad lol ­­­ and now its good because im good and the updates are better pog champ yessir yessir pog champ yassss OG grey pumps are better than Gold pumps.

I was in college when we started in februarybut it will probably be all broken down and shit I agree with graphics but idk bout the map the current map is aight but the colors dont look good Thats exactly why we have rift private servers bro Yea but fortnite aint got it like he used to, a grown-up man playing kids game. Me too bro us CO2024 gonna look back and gonna be emotional The times when I could tap my brother wake up its the weekend Makes me wanna play fortnite again Fr ÔFortnite Fortnite lets go I get it all night all night fo shoÔ Clean nostalgia.

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