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But i still think its not the sweats faults. fortnite two teammates sniper and rocket launcher played a big part in this game too Here in watching this and enjoying a lot better what game plays of this days, season 1 to 8 were the best, where did it all go wrong­ so many memories Fortnite should make a game mode where you can go back to any season and replay it or get or finish the battle pass Id love that U know how it scary it must be to see someone chasing u and building like that it must really strike fear into someones eyes.

The core mechanics have always stayed the same. why cant we go back:( When fortnite was good oh god this makes me tear up Sometimes you have to move on from the past, anyone would kill for 200 - 400k views for every website Fnite suckss I only came cuz 9f the old memes No it wasnt bro the games fall down was at chapter 2 season 2.

OG days were 1-3 but i know what u mean lol.

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