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I love this song 4 years later and this song still a vibe I havent heard this song in 2 years and i still know all the words Man. That is the only to play now tho I dont have fun anymore I bet some of the replies are some sweaty players pretending they arent sweaty and complaining They get so toxic when you elim them its so annoying and they dont stop inviting you till you join just for them to be toxic If you like the skins yeah i dont really like them The game is bad from season 5 Sad that content creators like Dakotaz, he is the best, New mode released, youre extremely horrible Ahhhhhh, my mind is so boggled Back when this game was good its a fucking atrocity now I really miss old fortnite,classic dog tags and army stuff now its all new futuristic rapper stuff I like how everyone is saying that epic games ruined the game 100 and forgetting that we ruined it too.

season 1 OG players like me have quit playing because its not fun anymore and they dont realize that. Dakotaz 8. I STILL KNOW THE LYRICS Me when i got my first dub in season 2 I play this on groovy (discord) and I always start dying laughing Spent the whole summer 1718 Learning this song? Same and fortnite Steady shot yeah you know me hear dat cause Im comin for the trophie I agree with dark, Im not whining Look im saying to just play another game if the one you like is boring Taistelulaama granted they added a lot of updates.

I remember i was having fun with the grappler when it came out in playground Yup now u get top 10 when the first circle comes Gewoon Wout Top 10 from season 1-8 is si hard now u could not even have A weapon and win Yeah in season season 7 I started playing and when I winned I started screaming and jumping and now when i win it doesnt even matters I miss these timesI wish they would but they wont.

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