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I blame the nobodies for sucking and epic having to change their game for them. I miss the sound of the keys being pressed by fortnite This was when fortnite was fun, I doubt you didnt play until a couple months ago because mummy said it was too violent Lmfao youre roasting me when you cant even spell Just wanna say that this is complete facts Who just comes back every so often to just feel how the old days used to be Back when grey pumps could do 180 headshot damage Boys.

H2ODelirious big fan dude or are u fake H2O is king of all games he freaking play dude your are awwsome and damn funny, I miss this era of fortnite soooo much Ah the good old times where solo squad was actually playable Me when I get 10 kills: LETS GOOO!!!!!.

Lets be honest, the tac smg was the best and fun and laughing is till a thing Zachary Bastien I miss the no Fortnite and it was just Minecraft Im a 10 year old and I aint toxic Im have of skully Im og I do play a lot but still go do things with my family and Ive been playince since season 2 Zachary Bastien nobody knew what 90s were!

This song is better than the actual game Unfortunately website doesnt recommend bangers No it just in og players blood to listen to this Lets be honest, I remember back in (I was 11 at the time now Im 14) I used to come home from school so hyped to play fortnite (I ride my bike from and to school) and watching bcc gaming while going number 2 on the toilet good times ­­­ It happens with everyone ÔÔÔ­­­ The game was 2 years ago how old are you that isnt nostalgia Im 14 when I was 11 I started playing with my friends, soy de Mexico­ ╬╬╬╬╬╬¤ ╬á╬╬╬¤╬¤╬¤ ╬ ¤╬ ¤╬╬¤¤╬¤╬ ╬╬¤ ╬Ş╬ ¤╬¤¤ 3-4 kills ╬╬╬ ╬Ş╬ ¤╬¤¤ ­ ╬╬¤ 17 ╬¤¤ ¤╬¤╬╬ ¤╬ ¤╬╬ ¤╬╬╬╬ I cant even get 10 kills lol in fuckin garbage but i love this game Panagiotis Skolarikos why do you random Russian speakers reply to a English comment I average like 6 lmao, when he was called Ô fortniteHyperÔ I like how at the beginning of this website he said im dead This was the time when fortnite was a playable and fun game.

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