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He wasnt refering to you he is saying that in general there will always be a player better than another People forgot that this is what fortnite is supposed to be Will Epic ever listen to us and bring back Season 3 Fortnite Could you imagine if you yourself went back to season 2 and you were the only good player The time when fortnite wasnt a game for 10 year olds 0:15 I wouldve taken 20 fall damage if it was today INCRE├BLE YO AUN NO PUEDO GANAR­ 3:10 when u see every weapon in his inventory is vaulted Who else got this recommended to them, it was such a nice gun with the sound omg memorys Most tragic end for a good game ­ I dont see how you can miss getting instantly killed by the worst rarity of a shotgun.

It would be awesome if you had a video. But yeah, i just start to play this game again at season 7 inmy free time. We also miss that a shotgun makes damage :P Old fortnite was a legend, when Fortnite was actually good. I use to listen to this all the time I miss the good old fortnite days Ahh, and hes neither, ofc he doesnt know me but dont be a jerk telling me Im bad when you havent even seen me in a game.

Not only will the map resemble it but the code should be exactly the same so you could not tell between an OG website of the game and now. Its so different, but fortnite is amazing too, but mainly I was mad at him for not taking the purple tac shotgun over the green pump JackTheGreat.

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