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You really need to learn how not to contradict yourself if you want anyone to take you seriously Yeah dude change my words now I never said popularity doesnt equal quality If you want to argue you need to learn to make arguments instead of desperately making things up otherwise no one will take you seriously Does it look like I can afford to get a decent mic Whos on this during quarantine while being bored as hell.

He runs low on the advertisements and still makes 12 to 13 million a year of them, yet the Tac SMG was way more powerful. It has punctuation and grammatical errors in it. It was still kinda good till season 9 showed up then season 10 was shit and 11 and 12 Remember watching this like an hour after it came out i couldnt even play it These old fortnite sounds bring back so many season 3 memories I remember when there was no cap on rocket ammo Omg, obrigado muito. Everything HS Mefoo as I said give me your discord I will pattern you HS Mefoo my grammar is better then yours HS Mefoo and your calling Eu toxic when your American HS Mefoo Eu are the best out there mate there not na who are toxic to the mandem all day then they get there clart battered in game and irl HS Mefoo trust me kid na is the most toxic HS Mefoo blad gimme your discord I wanna pattern your American clart HS Mefoo about 3 zds blad BEHAVE WILL YA Theres matchmaking now where it separates the causals, but Im sure his play style would change, Dakotaz have it away, in season 5 the people learn to build and in the season 6 the tryhards come to the game but the season 9 was a game of pure tryhard Yeah Dude If they didnt Add creative Fortnite would Have Been better Santi Di Primio for me season 9 but opinions are opinions But season 9 was the concecuense of the season 5 Its not the games fault.

If someone told me two years ago that I would watch a website two years in the past they would be crazy but right Says the guy that have a ghoul trooper in his profile Me too i selled ps4 2 years ago and didnt play with friends all this time.

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