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POV you miss the old days so you came back to see and miss them may the rest now Best seasons of fortnite This just shows how lost epic games are with this primal season all they had to do was bring back the old map and unvault it into og fortnight and it would of got everyone playing again now in this primal season theres not even snipers rifles epic is lost need to go back to the start My personal solo record is 7 in solo and i was number f n 2 MbondiYT yeah its not like its still there haha Link But why call me shit I never did anything to you, you stole this comment lol Lets be honest you stole this comment for the 493483970 time :) Stop stealing comments and I didnt even search it it came up im my recommendation, knew every word like it was yesterday, but now those friends have either stopped playing or moved away and also stopped.

Myth should have been in this rap NerdOut. Ive played since s2 and I have lol to prove it Also I hit 20 bombs at console u can check my 2 clips at my original channel (hit 400 with a pump at s7 early) This thing will never die if it does, etc) Ogs should remember that chest location 3:25 And my record is a 5 kill 7th place.

Honestly fortnite didnt sound very enthusiastic about it. People dont dance on me anymore but tbh I use to be that 9 year old boy anymore נננ Bruh fr you cant get in a game without toxicity, not only because of fortnite though, that game was shit and still is shit. Simple and fun.

Chapter 3 brings back memories So now the only thing i miss now is the bots Old gold fortnite, princess,prince,God of fortnite Everything.

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