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Apex hands down will never reach the goal you have, when Fortnite was super fun and lovely. I can rap this shit at 2x tho Ooie I swear I memorised it as soon as it came out I sang the lyrics everytime I killed somrone Ooie me season through season 2 chapter ;) Me, gun fights will never be as skilled (analog controllers need to use some aim assist to compensate for not being as accurate as a mouse and keyboard, dusty was my first location to land at.

Honestly your verse was my favorite. Such good times Its been 3 years and I can still rap this entire song wtf Watching this back now gives me nostalgia from when the game was fun and i played it. And then they ignore Minecrafts community. P The fun of the game LONG LIVE THE MEMORYS Only ogs are still listening to this banger Ha comming back with tears miss these times fortnite rap song Yes I am the best player in fortnite I used to be now i cant play cause my ps4 gone Black knight renegade raider purple skulltrooper?

The gold pump now cant even do that much damage lol Back then when fortnite was actually easy Crankers: X Sweats: X Fun: Lots of Streamers: Old fortnite and OG map: Double pump: Damn bro back when all the boys would play fort together Is crazy seeing how fast you could reload an RPG back then and know when youre reloading an RPG it takes 5 sec Pov: You searched fortnite because you havent watched him in years and went on his most popular website because he doesnt play fortnite anymore.

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