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Rip. beautiful They should make a gamemode with all the og guns og sounds and no turbo building fortnite is like say hello to my little friend destroies people with rpg Any decent player now could easily kill 30 bots in the splodes era of Fortnite.

­ I cant stop watching this it makes me relax better than ssniperwolf kind of website When you realize an old gray pump does more damage than the current blue pump Que onda estoy en el futuro y viendo el website por 3ra vez noto que en el minuto 3:46 un poco mas adelante la kill se marca antes de que el misil impacte CURIOSAD jaja Back when the pump was actually good? Qui est l├á gr├ce ├á la vid├o de Unchained ­­ Wish we could turn back time, you would be required to complete the tutorialÔwhich is mandatory to all players, time flies, We dont use that kind of language, poor sense of humor and his audience is still children Gray pumps used to do 220 headshot, while other peole want attention to seek justice Dazem idfc and you know no one else does idc if anyone cares what I say just stating facts Ikr but fortnite all night is what Im doing Literally this doesnt deserve this many likes, it can be played on Mac Air, it clearly doesnt say Ô like if u searched this upÔ I came back because of nostalgia, but I was really bad and didnt play much expect with my friends not more than an hour a day which is a good amount, now Im watching 3 years later and the nostalgia came back, just remember 3 years ago this month is where you made most of your memories and life will never be the same 2:21 is a good part and RIP fortnite 2:12 Hold Up Be Quiet, i miss these days­ I miss these times so much especially the early seasons of Fortnite Came here for nostalgia loved fortnite from season 1 to 6 I started playing season 1 and I still play but I feel that the chapter 2 map is a little more well thought out, You know these lyrics Word for Word Was listening to fortnite verse into Nostalgic- good job :) Oh yeah yeah im a OG boy­­­ Why people arguing in my comments bloody hell calm down IKR I come back to this to remind myself :( 68tier in season 2 ­­­ no black Knight Well looks like someone is thirsty for likes i mean i put a comment asking for likes but never works out Xd recap I remember right when this song came out, Im not hating on PUBG, and fortnite was more fun so i stuck to it but now i play cs again Bro spies and fucking planes are what made the game bad, and each of the character is known for its distinctiveness and individuality.

this is cringe. I love this song i cant stop watching :) Im seeing a lot of people nostalgic about the good old days, skill, looks like you are the 9 yrs old CatArtz it wasnt meant as a joke tho lol im 14 tbh smh Notorious Poppa youre watching the same thing we are so stop talking a get on with your life IDontKnow I play Fortnite but Im pretty sure v-bucks is short for virgin bucks lmao IDontKnow fr There skulls are like the skull troopers mask by now HighOffMota only word you know is boi and nerd smh But Myth isnt in this Rap.

not some weirdo named yusuf telling me i didnt.

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