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Ill have you know that my parents are Irish but I was born in Germany. At my old school they let us listen to music using our iPads sometimes and one kid really played this Wish we could go back to those times, i just start to play this game again at season 7 inmy free time, then look 9:14 Wow, im one sneaky boi :-) H20 are u on Xbox cuz I found u before on blitz v1 at salty springs H2ODelirious lol, read every sub and donation, In my opinion Delirious was the best.

Still great H20deleriouses verse was the best no debate Bro j remember singing this in school with my friends Who is here in watching this like Oh the old times God I miss the good old Fortnite days. Youre looking at the negative side of it again smh. Because it was actually fun at the time Imo game was never that good. I wish I was good at fortnite NerdOut.

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