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When you are new to playing Fortnite, or something times Does this mean nerd out saw deliriouss face 1cdnthe3rd 2DAKATOZ 3 fortnite Black widow 0:25 Szukam Dziewic :) translate in polish Who is bored and hates the new season and fortnite so he came to see the og things No hes a fricking meme also wtf is ur profile pocket I dont mean anything mean (last part a lie cause look at the first part GamerAwesome -Minecraft more you make no sense GamerAwesome -Minecraft more you didnt still No Sense you changed ur name didnt you MiniMCNUGGET nooooooooo why would why everr do thzt (Fuck she found out MiniMCNUGGET you are right he did win ha Trey i come from a black family i feel ofended Neon Light what part are you talking about He wasnt an actual part in the website just for the music but ok.

But i still like it. So swear or dont swear idc ok The game 2 years ago was the perfect game before all this toxic community starts playing now I just hate the game and I play minecraft and rocket league because for mebut dont get discouraged. H20 delirious H20 Delirious is the best and funniest so he wins Lets be honest, the graphics were so much better and cooler original skins battlepasses cool 0 collabs 0 sweats 0 tryhards everyone was bad it was fun look at this game now.

Unlike now he cheated my mother Website algorithm has done a really good job, I was bad at it and now i am way better and I can make much better plays. p lil kev Dusty was my favorite place u could land there and grab a nice grey pump and kill people with no guns and leave there with 32 health a green ar, we were in the same 1X1!, but theyll never be the same as the good old days I remember I watched this over and over again This is lowkey fire bruh, ceez was the only one with bars and flow Remember when Fortnite was actually good and not pre-pubescent trash It is a tie between CDNthe3rd and fortnite and FABVL FORTNITE FORTNITE LETS GO I GET IT ALL NIGHT ALL NIGHT FO SHO Nobody: Literally nobody: FaZe Kay: YoUrE iNsAnE bRo 1?

Its now and its almost been 4 years?

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