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Mruin fortnite was not as good as the others you are probably just saying that cause u are a fanboy ‚yeah seems about right for me 3 years ago I think fortnite is just always asked too do stuff like this, ur shit, I miss fortnite when it was like this so much and I remember when this song came out it was just a great time for all of us ū fortnite ‚Its game time‚ gave me chills Wow my first time Ive listened to this song in 2 years man I remember how awesome fortnite was.

I remembered 60 of the song. its actually kinda creepy. I couldnt careless what the ratings say, et gotaga seulement 230 ;) 1 player kills, myth and more lmao Dakotaz fortnite and melly had the best Actually so sick. and still watching the OG fortnite Fortnite website.

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