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If dedicated Fortnite players really are passive, i miss these days­ I miss these times so much especially the early seasons of Fortnite Came here for nostalgia loved fortnite from season 1 to 6 I started playing season 1 and I still play but I feel that the chapter 2 map is a little more well thought out, if he dies its cause of a troll. best fortnite utuber Eva baby Dusty brings back hard memories of crystals and a giant cube Yeah the game was good.

lol Nowadays online seems to play in the year 3000 The fucking mechs lmao btw my fav season is 8 Calm down man, then its game time. It was fun, my highest kill game is like 22, it was just a cringeworthy little kid shooting game. But why is that so bad Ok then got anything else to complain about Unliking means nothing bc you liked them in the first place ­ Jeffthefish21 ok weve argued enough so lets just settle it here It came out in January look when this vid was made and then when season 3 was released GDoof I have since I started website its my main thing I love your channel the fortnite dances were goated No thanks i have autism and website comments is the only place i can speak freely But i love your geometry dash vids youre so goated on that game You also look a wee bit young to be swearing go and read the bible or something geez Jeffthefish21 I was like 10 in the fndances lol Yo didnt even bother tryna read this it was so long I had a god squad at my school back in season 3 and I was part of it.

I remember these live stream like it was yesterday 1:55 haha ­ his items are all valued with the exception of the boogie bomb Gray pumps, scars Me: bruh, your breaking their heart to make yours feel better, guess i thought it became more of a cash grab day by day.

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