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Fortnite is gone forever bye fortnite Not the old, why bring the white circle to the game. Im back after 3 years and know all the lyrics still Who remembers when the game was actually good First victory Royale listening to this memories I was just reminded about this holy crap good times This just hurts to know that I cant play like this again This is almost as famous as astronaut in the ocean Only true legends know all the lyrics from being such an OG ­ It triggers me when someone from the new chapter comes to this song like, it just changed the map but its still fun.

Ô´Ş­ WCC Vibez me: read more scrolls down a bit Also me: O U C H Dusty still exists was just hit by meteor pump still exist name change of retail and tilted and tomato town just smaller with no name Frank Sorrentino og only and zapatron was in game for like 2 hours and factorys didnt have a name falls into place with dusty ┬áCameronPlayz┬áNothing came back but the shadows were released.

Tbh, nerfing or devaluing some weapons has made other weapons go into God Tier level. The stage is incorporated with Facebook and Google, I still remember all the lyrics after 4 years. They can be shared with by many others, World Cup was good Lmao the game is still great it just improved Skillbased matchmaking ruined it so bad man It was also the cringiest times as well lmao, good times.

people spend way too much time on the game and people who actually have a life wanna just play a casual game but they cant when theres sweats on the game Anastasios Kamonas ­­Ô´Şgood old days!!!

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