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THEY SHOULD REALLY BRING IT BACK THAT WOULD BE AWESOME This brings me back with all the og sounds and weapons also map locations ­­ No building, youd be playing all day and when youd hop off youd watch fortnite, building cover aspect of the game.

How good times Its not fortnite turn to st but we just bored after play the game day and night for 3 faking years­ Saw this on my recommend and it made me sad Why tf do people keep saying wISh wE cOuLd gO bAcK tO tHe gOoD oLd dAyS as if it has been a decade, like this if u here too Lmao the rpg came in clutch this whole game for him Can we take a moment to appreciate how this got 33 million views 3 years after he posted it I wish i played it back then.

Prime Lets be honest the vibes of old fortnite are unmatchable I remember listening to this all dayÔ Yup he didthese were the times, I thought it was so it was so fire. Beast 323 I just thought it was impressive that he killed every other player, and you can click on Submit Your Request and send your request to the administrators, smile because its happened Rip Fortnite -­ Put the speed to 1.

This game will never be the same ­ I remember making fun DKs part of the song.

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