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Im from the future Also when all u get is grey infantry rifles as ur only guns but the enemy gets a pump and a scar Zentix well good thing planes are vaulted now Yup haha.

This is the first Fortnite website I ever watched where I was amazed and now everyone looks like straight bots fortnite just owned seven player at the end of the game. And whether it was good or not is your opinion, just fun. :P Who says fortnite is The King of Fortnite likeš I think what ruined the game was mainly epic bringing in too many not needed updates and listening too much to the community.

Your just a hater And i give you a sub for taking my side RX1 Lewis fyi china is getting stronger than you and russia and china are half friends, its a joke about pregnancy Because you said i was late so i said your mum was late and you didnt understand the joke Why you just cant handle a conversation and dropping everything that comes otta your mind Im not ur the guy thar couldnt understand a childish jokeš He must have used a different mic did not sound like him I think they put something on the audio so its sound better i think They didnt make the mic better.

I started season 2 and can prove it Season 3 isnt og you bot. P alexramigaming .

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