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Tazoo Shadow Im just here for the cringe lmao Me cuz im waching fortnite even tho it dead Mw but I found this song when It came out Im just coming back its been a while Ye Im just casually watching at 2.

Bro its been the same for all seasons kekekeke Eddyislittyy 1738 and now we need a p90 and luck I played season 1 but didnt like it because it was trash but always get killed by the storm or an rpg Calling yaself og in a year old game smh Eddyislittyy 1738 You mean less than a year ago lmao No not the only one lol its a very satisfying sound Ninaj eats in rl while he is waiting for his character to drink a shield pot Eric King298 bruh not fortnite you dummy the character Malicious Cheese am I the only one who saw he started with like 80 people he could have gotten plenty more kills CANT BELIVE I JUST PLAYED WITH NICK EH 30 (ON MY website) Malicious Cheese Im ur 1 thousandth like Malicious Cheese I was your 1000th IIIe bro So fucking true haha, damn After years I still remember the lyricsi miss the good times I remember listening to this 3 years ago and i remembered the whole entire song,ive never heard of this for 3 years,good times WHEN YOU WERE TALKING TO YOUR FRIENDS MORE THAN YOUR PARENTS, but Im sure his play style would change, I was forced to play Creative alone or with friends.

My playtime was around 6-8 hours a week and I started to play fortnite the 1th January of at 18 PM! Season 2 was my fave season. Sohaib Madi its pretty bad with 1. Everyone misses this.

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