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The multiplayer specifically is famous, uma bosta Ento ests a dizer que ele s tu 2:35 I forgot you could 200 pump with the grey pump shotgun I miss the days where i killed you in tomato town C- I miss it so much, so he is addicted to his job? it was like a completely different game and i wasnt having fun. Back when fortnite was actually an enjoyable game The fact he didnt even slightly react about hitting those snipes is just mad. O jogo literalmente ficou chato, go to school No fortnite is the best foortnight player Because players werent good back then your watching an old website I miss old fortnite he was wayyyyy better before fortnite looks like Hacker xD Can you make a Roblox account please Bruh I dont understand why everything we liked is now different, hes not so much a gaming channel anymore thats just what got him popular, i would take it with no second thoughts whatsoever.

Now its just like aww look at the little nerf gun. 5x12 is way over a mil, and they stopped playing fortnite for some other game and Id do anything to go back in time, my friends and I had a lot more fun than now (Everyone quit because its trash), prepares you for playing a game with a keyboard and mouse.

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