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Me and my friends actually sang this or rap it for a school presentaion when we were like grade 4 I be raving in bed while in lockdown You and me im lockdown in philipines Dakotaz is just 2 sweet i love him Its 7 times the amount in scotland nearly lol Wolf E its probably me just rewatching 35 million times I love delirious to my favorite websiter Edward Salcido I like delirious he is funny I love this time and the song.

Epic really heard him say everybodys building ramps thats useless completely seriously I remember listening to this chapter 1 season 4 the memories Bro life was so godly back then Honestly your trash dude That line shall never be forgotten.

Its literally who has the most stuff wins. A LOT and the game was way better back then. h2os was definitely the beat The Clutch 007 thats what I came for Nav Lovesroblox it says at the above the lines Nav Lovesroblox no auto tune irs his headset from 2001 cause his fans dont like his voice without that headset thats funny Elijah Inman yes love his laugh and voice Nav Lovesroblox the maker posted a comment saying wittch one is which Alex Greyson and not knowing how to spell You No Scope I quick scope you will choke AceZay fortnite didnt have a great verse but great Fortnite player obviously I still dont think it was great anyway tbh Vlad Dobrota just like its 5 teams of 20, remembering the good times when Fortnite was on top makes me cry.

DeliriousArmy. But yes, fortnite would be 100 times better Yes it wouldnt be the same fortnite but it would definitely hit you with a wave of nostalgia Its all a big cash grab and of course Im bad.

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