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every chapter 1 location Exept for retail and salty Sad times I wish we could go back to when fortnite was good Hannah Bella sounds like you should go watch 0:40 cos that u Type his name in the commentsI LOVE THE OG ONE, a different thing is that You play bad Dude henchmen go down in like two shots Some of us are over the age of eight. If it was a tac it would do 40 on the arm Pumps used to do 30 in the head for me now it went down to 22 I believe Ill never forget the old jonesy Now when you hit someone for 30 they build a 10 star hotel with a pool lmao Idk about you but the henchmen aim for me is absolute shit i could be standing still at the agency and my only real threats are midas and the mingun henchmen just land on a chest and ur good lol the henchmen just stand still while you can laser them and build with brick and theyre gonna have a hard time fighting back especially midas.

while I was getting 7dmg headshots 2:11 damage is 181 on him. God even the graphics of everything were so good back then, one goes for a more realistic look, I think Marshall Playz Im from Australia and shes definitely not Australian.

Back when fortnite was actually a fun game to play with no sweats ruining the game ­­­ Just goes to show you that you can win any game with a rocket launcher I beat you in extreme mode yesterday on day one SIT DOWN GRANNY She aint even talking like i settled her down Hj est├ totalmente focado em competitivo, I need to mention an important point that the option of crouch is only available in battle royal mode of the game, S9 killed you, ur just saying excuses.

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